The term dates for 2021 are the following (based on the Roleystone Community College):

Term 1: Monday 1st February - Thursday 1st April

Term 2: Wednesday 21st April - Friday 2nd July 

Term 3: Tuesday 20th July - Friday 24th September

Term 4: Monday 11th October - Thursday 16th December 

Rules and regulations, fees

You will find the Rules and Regulations and the applicable fees in the link below.

Enrolment form

You will find the enrolment form in the link below. Enrolment forms are required within three weeks of the term starting and are mandatory to be enrolled with Playgroup WA which provide insurance for the Roleystone Gumnut Playgroup.

Term 4 fee for Playgroup WA insurance is half of the indicated price, when the term 4 fee for the Roleystone Gumnut Playgroup remains unchanged.

Annual general meeting, volunteering

We have an annual general meeting (AGM), and committee meetings every school term. The committee meeting is where the general running of the playgroup is discussed with fund raising, improvement projects, purchases for toys, etc...

Contact the president of you are interested in taking up a position as a committee member. We always welcome new members and are friendly!


As a member of the playgroup, you are welcome to access the constitution. It is located in the Facebook page, under "files".